We Are More Than Just a Garden Centre

Adorn Your Garden with a Shed or Summerhouse in Ebbw Vale, Gwent

Buildings made from quality timber are a lovely, rustic addition to any garden, especially when they are designed specifically for you. At Mary’s Garden Centre, in Ebbw Vale, Gwent, we take your design specification and turn it into a stunning structure using high-quality timber and exceptional workmanship. We are able to construct garden sheds and summerhouses, while we also supply garden ornaments. For more information about our range of wooden additions for your garden, 

Choose a Bespoke Shed

Sheds are a common feature found in gardens, but many are generic and have become old and tired. For a quality shed that has been tailormade to suit your garden, visit Mary’s Garden Centre. Using the finest materials, we will construct a garden shed that is designed in line with your specification. Simply tell us the shape and size you want the shed to be, and we will do the rest. Your shed will be delivered and erected in your garden free of charge.

Enjoy the Sun with a Summerhouse

Go one step further than a garden shed by choosing one of our made-to-order summerhouses. Made from a timber of your choice, which is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee, the summerhouse is designed solely by you. You can choose between a rubber roof, which comes with a 20-year guarantee, and a felt roof, and have as many windows and doors as necessary.